"This book is a compilation of small, tactical strategies and advice that will make you think differently about the way business and careers work. You only have so much time to do what you want to get done, so make sure to focus on what is most important to you."

NY Times bestselling author of "Delivering Happiness" and CEO of Zappos.com, Inc.

"Shane has some stuff figured out that lots of people never get. What he wrote on this train ride, you'll be thinking about for much longer."

Julien Smith
NYT Best-selling Author of Trust Agents

"This book is a swift kick in the ass. It makes you want to get up and go make things happen. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this book today."

Neil Patel
Co-founder of 2 Internet Companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics

"This book is something that everyone needs to read the day they graduate college. Anyone looking for a career change or who needs a quick dose of inspiration and motivation. The way the book is written, on a train, in real-time makes you feel like you're right there along for the ride."

Scott Gerber
Founder YEC and Best-selling Author, Never Get a "Real" Job

"This is a book that I couldn't put down and the lessons and ideas that Shane talks about in this book will keep me thinking for a long time. This is one of those books that I'd call a must read."

Lewis Howes
Best-Selling Author and Speaker

"This book is awesome - I love how it is written, very first person and uncut. P.S. I read this in 3 solid sit downs - it is one of those books that you get really, really into - so that is a great thing :) Last book I did that with was 'Crush It'. I really like how the book is formatted - like not "chapter 1, chapter 2, etc," but instead more like how Seth Godin does it - thoughts are grouped under one word or string of words. Also it was interesting you mentioned Tim Ferriss since your book reminded me of his in certain ways (good ways!)"

Maren Kate Donovan
Founder and CEO, Zirtual

"The point is that how you said what you said, made me stop reading and actually "do" what you said to do. This book is incredible, at least I think it is, how you were able to put so much passion and thought into this. Every story you told, every person you met, basically every experience you had felt like I was right there experiencing it with you.Your book may be the foundation to my new outlook on life. I thank you for that."

Robbie Terlesky
A Best Friend

A message from the author...



This book had to be different. That's the only prerequisite I had before writing it; it couldn't just be "another book." So, I made it a journey and something crazy. I forced myself to write the entire book on one train ride. 275 pages, 30,000+ words, on a train ride from Seattle to San Francisco and back. Every chapter includes a photo taken out the window, the song playing in my headphones (listen to the playlist here) and random crazy thoughts about what was going on in my head while writing this. You are along for the ride. This book is about the journey as much as it is about the content. This book is for anyone who wants a new career. If you love your career, get this for a friend who doesn't. It's a collection of stories and thoughts inspired by 20 years of notes I had kept. I have no idea if this book will actually be something people want to read but these simple notes above from my friends growing up and people I've never met made me think that maybe someone might.